About Us

About Us

Mission Addiction is a Christian, nonprofit organization based in Dayton, Ohio. Our name is a play on words: addressing the entire spectrum of addiction as well as being “addicted” to God’s mission of serving others.

Our Team

Building and training a large volunteer workforce is very important to our mission. We want to match people who are ready, willing, and able to help with people who need and want it. Part of our plan is for people in recovery to gain value and purpose by serving others. There are many flexible ways to do that at Mission Addiction and through our network. Meet our team.

Our Advisors

  • Randy Creamer, pastoral counseling, SouthBrook Christian Church
  • Marcy Hill, trauma psychotherapist, life coach, author
  • Dr. Gary Sweeten, counselor, pastor, entrepreneur, leadership coach
  • Jason Parks, pastor, strategic sales executive
  • Jennifer and Steve Elleman, legal counsel, Thompson Hine LLP
  • Alisa Livesay, CPA, CFP®, Mosaic Strategic Partners
  • Dr. Tom Taghon, member, American Society of Addiction Medicine
  • Dr. Quinton Moss, modern psychiatry and wellness

Our Partners

In addition to serving those struggling with addiction, including loved ones, we partner with other providers so we can:

  • Identify system weaknesses
  • Create better connections and solutions
  • Reduce the impact of addiction on families and communities

The Bigger Picture

There are many areas of addiction to be considered. Our goal is to understand these areas through our service work, research, and collaboration with others. Understanding will help us see connections and system problems, make improvements, and repeat success.