Walking The Talk
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    Dayton, Ohio

  • Hope Church

Walking The Talk

Turned off by religion? Realizing that faith is more than a weekend service or getting baptized? Not sure how to grow or where to start? This is the series for you! We combined the most powerful bible sections, key discipleship methods, and other faith teaching into a unique and engaging, group discussion format. We’ll share tools to help you apply good faith practices and live a balanced faith life – all in a supportive community environment! Are you ready to take your faith to the next level?

If you’re newer to the Bible, we recommend that you first attend our Help Me Understand The Bible! class or other foundation classes. See our events page for details or contact the facilitator, edward@mission-addiction.org or 937-609-2348. Edward Livesay is an experienced faith leader, instructor, counselor, and the founder of Mission Addiction.

Childcare is not available and there will likely be some adult themes. However, if you have an older or more mature student who you feel could keep up with the reading and be engaged, they are welcome.

There is no charge for this series but donations to help with materials and our mission would be greatly appreciated!