Mission Addiction offers several classes and workshops on a regular basis to help you with faith, emotions, and relationships. We are still developing courses to better serve our growing community, so look for updates. You can check the schedule on Facebook or EventBrite. Sometimes, we offer these classes or events on demand, so if you don’t see an upcoming class offering listed, please email us at to indicate your interest and how many are in your group. Thank you.

The Addiction Pandemic: Know. Care. Do.

What you should KNOW. Why you should CARE. What we can DO about it. We believe the general public needs a better understanding of this very complicated, addiction problem. This compelling overview will quickly explain it from several different perspectives. We’ll also talk causes and solutions. Everyone can help. If you’re ready to learn more and/or get involved, please join us!

Christianity 101

Maybe “your way” isn’t working and you want to try God’s way. Whether you’re new to the faith or feel lost or confused by it, this class is a simple review of the key principles, and the power the Christian faith can have in your everyday life.

Help Me Understand the Bible!

If you feel like the most popular book ever is too confusing, too long, or too irrelevant – then it’s past time for a proper introduction! Unless you already have too much hope, freedom, guidance, inner strength, and love in your life, it’s time to get the most out of this life-changing word of God!

The Baptism Decision

What it means to become a follower of Christ, what baptism is and isn’t, is it necessary for salvation, what the bible and Jesus himself says about it, how to start a better walk of faith, etc.

Toxic Shame

We’ll discuss toxic vs. healthy shame, where it comes from, scriptural guidance, gender differences, and steps to do something productive about it.

The Power & Freedom of Forgiveness

What forgiveness is and is not, what scripture says about it, why it’s important, learning from it, practicing it regularly – including in this workshop!

Resilience – Using Your Pain As A Chisel To Free Your Authentic Self.

We use a mix of video speakers, motivation, and other sources to present a compelling view of Resilience! How do we frame each challenge? How do we talk about it, feel about it – and what do we do about it? How can pain and adversity “free our authentic self” and become a valuable part of our faith and recovery walks?

Relatives Raising Children of Addicted Parents

Kinship care is one of the more complicated parts of the addiction spectrum. Support is needed for many common issues and to overcome various barriers. This presentation will share the facts and explore ways Mission Addiction can help you, including providing resources. Anyone interested in volunteering or supporting this part of our mission should also please attend!

We’re Here for a Reason: Discovering Your Life Purpose (Part 1 of 2)

Reveal for yourself – not how the world sees you – but how God sees you! Discover your spiritual gifts, and answer the hard questions about your existence and purpose. You will have time to work at your own pace between sessions to finish your unique perspective for Part 2, “We’re Here for a Reason: Living Your Life Purpose.”

We’re Here for a Reason: Living Your Life Purpose (Part 2 of 2)

Using the insights in Part 1, “We’re Here for a Reason: Discovering Your Life Purpose,” you will now create your own personal mission, with goals and actions. You will gain a better understanding of what that looks like in your daily life, how to remove roadblocks, and how to flexibly manage it, measure it, and update it as your life changes.