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Mission Addiction is a Christian, nonprofit organization based in Dayton, Ohio, with a nationwide reach.

Our name is a play on words: addressing the entire spectrum of addiction as well as being “addicted”to God’s mission of serving others. This has evolved to be so much more than just addiction! Building and training a large volunteer workforce is also important to our mission.

Part of our plan is for participants to gain value and purpose by serving others. 

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Edward Livesay

Founder, Executive Director

Edward is a former business consultant and Six Sigma Master Black Belt who believes there is no such thing as an unsolvable problem. He and his consulting team researched addiction and mental health issues in Dayton and saw common root causes as well as solutions. In parallel, he increasingly felt the rewards of serving through teaching in children’s ministry, nonprofit work, coaching and mentoring, and then, leading this mission. “God took our problem-solving focus and turned it into a ministry that now serves the whole person and the whole family in so many different ways. Our growing team of nationwide volunteers keeps helping us create a unique blend of services in a unique spiritual community. It’s extremely rewarding to witness individuals, couples and families making good progress on multiple levels! MY life has been forever blessed, too!”

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Dave Roalef


Dave’s career in information technology leadership and strategy has spanned 40 years. During that time, Dave has also been a volunteer in many youth development activities including sports, Christian education, finance, and advanced math. Dave’s interest in mental health and addiction stems from the loss of his oldest son through bi-polar disorder and subsequent addiction. “I’ve served since the beginning in 2017 and always enjoy seeing the progress from someone’s first encounter until now.”


Dawn Musick

Recovery Board Member

“I struggled with addiction for 15 years and have been in recovery since April 10th, 2018. My fiancé and I saw the sign outside the church for Mission Addiction and joined in January, 2019. We’ve loved it and have been involved ever since. We graduated together from the MAP for Healing and Recovery aftercare program and I’m passionate to serve on the board. I’ve learned so much since the beginning of my recovery, it’s crazy! I’m looking forward to further growth and serving others!

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Maggie Gailey


Maggie has worked in several different areas of business over the last 30 years of her career, spending time in Human Resources, government contracting, and most recently as a certified project manager in the banking and airline industries. She retired in April of 2020 and is excited to put to use the skills she ‘s developed over the years. “During my retirement, my goal was always to work with a faith-based organization and to have an impact on my community.  Mission Addiction allows me to do both, and I’m impressed with what MA has accomplished already! I’ve been involved in just about every aspect of the mission. I’ve seen how the Map, coaching and healing prayer change people for the better. The potential is there to help so many more and I look forward to being a part of that.”

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Jake Gentile


Jake is a CPA at Brady Ware and has served on the board since January, 2019. He is from the Dayton area and has seen first-hand how the drug epidemic affected the community. “I joined Mission Addiction for an opportunity to give back to the city I was raised in. I’ve enjoyed my experience on the board. Even more, I appreciate hearing how we’re making a difference, including with couples and families.”

The following was inspired by student volunteers:

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Helping others feels great and can be "addicting"—IT'S A MISSION ADDICTION!


your full potential.

Meet others,
and be part of a
spiritual community.

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