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An “Excuse To Love”

Michele’s Mission Trip

My church friend, Michele, had just returned from her first mission trip. I could tell it was a great experience by the excitement and passion in her voice coming through the phone. She had gone to the Appalachia region to serve with her family and now I was getting all the details. So she described all the different services they provided for the residents – painting, small home improvements, making a fire pit, laying linoleum (life-changing for them), crafts and games for the kids, social time, and even removing a hornet’s nest. “I thought we were going to build things and really make a big difference. But I quickly noticed on the first day – it wasn’t about what we did. The time we spent talking, sharing, and getting to know each other is what made the difference. We were trying to help everyone feel valued – to help them fill the hole in their heart. I realized that all of our other activity was just an ‘excuse to love.’ ”

Isn’t that an amazing thought and yet, so simple?  An “excuse to love.” That phrase stuck with me. It also reminded me how I felt on my own mission trip to Ecuador.

Our Mission

At MA, our excuse to love is addiction and all the related issues that come with it. So we help others work through the universal emotions of grief, marriage and family stress, divorce, anger and resentment, guilt and shame, fear and worry, hopelessness, job and financial troubles and much more. It’s a long list. But we also help them find faith, peace, hope, healing, structure, community and purpose. That’s a pretty good list – and very rewarding to be there for them.

Of course, none of us should really need an “excuse” to love, right?  Maybe a mission trip can get us out of our comfort zones and awaken our hearts to serving. However, we shouldn’t need a trip or a special occasion to serve.  Our faith should lead us and inspire us to love naturally – every day – in our own cities and neighborhoods. Jesus came to earth to serve others – not to be served. (Mark 10:45)

Let’s Connect

So if you’re struggling, let Mission Addiction help. Check out our list of local, Dayton, Ohio services and workshops. Don’t live in the area? Browse the growing resource and blog sections and watch for more information to be shared online as our mission grows.

You can also join our organization that thinks, acts, and grows together with this mentality – including virtually! Check out the ways to get involved or tell us about yourself via this link and we’ll be in touch. We’d love to hear from you!

Together, we’ll find many excuses to love!

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