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National Nonprofit Day – Little Things Add Up To A Big Difference

Sherita J. Herring is a speaker, author, and business strategist who founded National Nonprofit Day (August 17) to educate, enlighten and empower others to make a difference. She felt that those in the trenches impacting lives daily are changing the world.  

National Nonprofit Day

At Mission Addiction, we agree! We salute our team on National Nonprofit Day and every day for all the little things that add up to make a big difference:

  1. Jaclynn prays and responds to many prayer requests, while feeding a new baby at all hours of the day or night.

  2. Kris recently organized a meal train for one of our members grieving the loss of a loved one, due to an accidental overdose.

  3. Julian is a high school student gaining new experience for a college science degree and application, by researching medical and behavioral aspects of addiction. This information could reach many others through social media and in our student and parent prevention talks.

  4. Jane, Cathy, and Katrina are mothers of addicted, adult children. They recently spoke as part of a guest panel to share their journey with others.

  5. AJ is an IT professional who researched and created some “how-to” technical videos. Some volunteers want to help in areas that require some basic computer skills they don’t yet have. This teaches them how to get up to speed quicker and provide more help for our mission faster – with more confidence!

  6. Josh is a poet who read a personal poem at one of our weekly support meetings. It had a strong impact on those struggling to maintain their own faith and recovery walks.

  7. Some have done nothing but refer new people to our group out of their personal network – either to receive services or to help provide those services. (Thank you!)

  8. Lisa and Marilyn had ZERO time to contribute – but they were moved by our mission. Both sent checks to help purchase bibles, devotionals, and other materials for our counseling and workshop services.

Over 175 people have contributed to our cause to date. Would you like to join us?  See our Get Involved page! There are many ways to show that you care. You can give your time, offer your expertise, share your connections or referrals, give financially, or pray and provide spiritual direction. Virtual volunteers work well, too! Depending on the role, some contributors are completely behind the scenes and even serve out of state! To get started, fill out the interactive form on our volunteer page.  It will help us learn more about you and help you understand our scope and mission. You’re always welcome to check out our weekly meetings, workshops, and other events. Stay tuned for new offerings coming this fall!  

MA Volunteers

It’s true that volunteers change lives and change the world, one gesture at a time. It happens every day – not just on National Nonprofit Day. No matter how you choose to serve, it all makes a difference! However, at Mission Addiction, we really want you and our community to understand another key point about serving:

One of the lives you’ll change will be your own!


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