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P.R.A.Y. Is The Way

P.R.A.Y. is the way we teach prayer in our mission. It stands for Pray, Repent, Ask and Yield. We didn’t invent this acronym, but we like it and believe you will, too. There are other methods we touch on, but this seems to be the easiest. You can memorize it and start your day with it. You can also use it throughout your day. Let’s break it down:


Start off by counting your blessings; your “gratitude list.” What can you thank God for? I’m always amazed personally, that the list is longer than I thought. I love the way it gives me an attitude adjustment first thing in the morning. When I realize all the good things that happened just today or one day ago, it provides a sense of peace. It’s one key reason I feel this prayer method of P.R.A.Y. is the way. It slows us down and makes us appreciate the little things more. Therefore, it trains us to see and find the good in every day and every situation.


This is about acknowledging your sins and committing further, to reduce and remove them in your life. “Repent” means to turn around, to change your ways. Jesus already died for our sins, so we’re already forgiven. But we’re not perfect and we might be tempted to thoughtlessly keep sinning, knowing we’ll keep receiving his forgiveness. Ask for his help and get honest in prayer about how you are going to change. He already knows. This isn’t about guilt and shame. There’s enough of that in the world already. This is about living to a higher standard and being more at peace.


Most of us are great at asking – for ourselves, our loved ones, for difficult situations. But do you ever pray for people who annoy or hurt you? I strongly suggest you do. Anger, grudges and revenge never helped anyone. Therefore, we need to learn to let things go. Praying for people or situations bigger than me helps me see that P.R.A.Y. is the way.


Yielding can take practice. Wait for the Lord to answer. Clear your mind. However, you might have to do this repeatedly. The day’s to-do list and other concerns easily intrude. Learn to fight that off and listen. Jesus called himself “the good shepherd” and said that his “sheep” know the sound of his voice. (John, chapter 10) Learn to relax in this special time with God. Be patient and see if you don’t get an immediate answer.

For me, the answer often comes as I start my day or throughout my day. As that to-do list rolls through my mind, it’s like he’s weighing in on every item. In addition, thoughts just come to me. For example – what to do, who to call or something I’ve forgotten about. I wonder, “Is this me or is this you, God? “I know it can’t be all me because it comes too easily! P.R.A.Y. is the way I get more clarity and get more done!


I hope you enjoy Turn Your Eyes by Jadon Lavik. It’s a modern version of a one hundred-year-old hymn that can help us change our focus to what really matters.


  1. Read Romans 6 for a 90-second writing from the apostle Paul, on sinning and God’s grace.

  2. Practice using this P.R.A.Y. method of prayer and notice an improvement in your faith and prayer life!


Lord Jesus, your disciples recognized the power you gained through prayer. I pray that you would help everyone reading this to learn to harness that power. Let us use this simple method to boost our prayer habits. However, let us also realize it can be even simpler. Let us learn to share everything with you and talk to you throughout the day, as a trusted best friend. Amen!

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